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We provide an end-to-end financial solution for small businesses, startups,
and accounting firms that enable real-time, accurate custom reporting and
always reliable accounting information. Our goal is to improve your efficiency
by providing you the tools to make the best decisions you can with all the data
you need! 

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RPA Tools attracts the highest concentration of RPA enthusiasts and business technology executives with unparalleled peer insight and expertise on automation, efficiency, and culture. Our readers gain key insights on self-awareness and confidence.



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Why People Choose Us?

Optimize Finance Reporting

Never worry about having the wrong information again! We will have real-time data -- custom designed -- for you!

Individual Approach

Not ready for a Full-Time finance employee? Why not get the communication and service of a full-time finance team at part-time costs!

Scalable Solutions

We can implement our platform as early on as you'd like and we will save your business significant costs. RPA Tools will grow with you!

Exclusive Partnerships

Get beta access to new features on our platform. Your clients won't even know RPA Tools is behind the operations!

24/7 Online Support

Our top priority is Customer Service. We are always available and will always provide the highest quality output as quickly as possible.

Business Opportunities

Connect with other Members on our platform for other consulting services. We have legal teams, finance professionals, creators, and more!

Services We Do

Customer First Approach

What sets us apart from the rest is our incomparable Customer Service. You will always be our top priority and that will never change.

Strategic Planning

Not only do we automate your accounting processes, but we also provide high-level financial reporting from this data. All of this can be custom designed by you!

Financial Consulting

Unlimited hours of finance consulting for any questions you may have. We are here to put your business in the best position to succeed so please utilize us!


Our real-time dashboards and data integrity will give you the best chance to succeed. You can make better decisions and benefit from what we will provide your team.

Audit Ready

Whether you are fundraising or just want credibility with your financial statements, we guarantee your monthly financial packages will be 100% audit ready. You can be sure your numbers are right!

Automation Technology

We provide the best in class automation solutions so you can retrieve the data you need whenever you want from wherever you want. Our custom design process makes each client's experience highly personalized.

Our Team

Jonathan Kogan

Founder & CEO

Founder of RPA Tools and CEO.

Leslie Korbut

Chief Operating Officer

The operator of RPA Tools. Decision-maker.

Derrick Lyons

EVP, Business Development

The deal-maker, relationship manager, and of course, client favorite.


Suzanna Owens

"Without the automation of RPA Tools we would never have been able to be profitable!"

Allan Pitts

"I've worked with a lot of outsourced consultants and RPA Tools communicates as if we were their only client."

Jack Farmer

"Simply, the best!"

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